Two new units!
zwzsg - May 12th, 2006
Crafty people may already have got them from some forums or U.U., but now they've been officially uploaded to Wormhole Productions!
- The Caliper, downloadable from WP Joke Units Page, a unit to measure the height of units.
- The Arm Duck, downloadable from WP Arm Units Page, an amphibious transport featuring group unload.

Check out those two .gif of the Arm Duck in action:
- Auto-unloading in a rectangular formation
- Auto-unloading in a circular formation

New Joke Unit: Core Boobies!
zwzsg - February 24th, 2006
In the endless struggle between Arm and Core, no tactics is deemed immoral, everything that can facilitate the crushing of the opposition is used. This time, the Core is taking advantage of the breast deprivation the Arm army, being motherless clones, suffer from. The Core has created a new kbot whose design is sure to awaken the long repressed maternal and sexual desire of the Arm Clone, which could prove a fatal distraction when on a battlefield. The Boobies comes complete with jiggling animations, gibs and blood shower when under fire, and even a custom milk starbust projectile, which emits a very satisfying squirting sound. So make sure to pay a visit to Wormhole Productions TA Joke Units Page to get this treat!

Updated Arm Mobile WormHole Generator
zwzsg - December 18th, 2005
The Arm Mobile WormHole Generator, which I'll shorten up to M.W.H.G., previously had a couple flaws in its script: When the entry zone and exit zone of the teleportation overlapped each other centers, the M.W.H.G. would get stuck attempting to teleport itself.

Also, the algorithm that converts the aiming angle to the absolute position of the spot aimed at was imperfect, resulting in a range more limited than it should be. Also added many small improvement, such as the blueish wormhole being turned to the angle that gives proper perspective before being shown.

While I was fixing those issues, I also took the opportunity to clean the script from leftover unused code, and to clean the ufo from lingering unused models, buildpics, unitpics, and textures. I also wrote a short manual that you'll find included in the zip. So make sure to visit Wormhole Productions TA Arm Units Page to get this improved version of the M.W.H.G.!

New Spring Section
Gnome - June 4th, 2005
Well, the Swedish Yankspankers recently released Spring, their open-source RTS engine currently based on OTA content. We now have a small section dedicated to the game, including a Maps page and a Source development page. There's not too much on either page yet, they're just there to let me provide a bit more information on them and such. Make sure you visit FileUniverse as well for all your Spring file needs!

TA GUI Hacks page
Gnome - April 28th, 2005
Short update. I just added a new page which has the color hack and battleroom GUI hack. You can access it by clicking here.

TA Color Hack
Gnome - April 25th, 2005
This is a simple little hack. It just replaces some of the team colors in game, and mixes up the ones from OTA that remain. Included are neon green, orange, brown, pink, a greyish-silver color, normal TA blue, red, white, black, and light blue. It overrides all the colors in game, including the minimap dots. You can grab the TA color hack by clicking here to download (121 KB) while I decide on a page to put it on officially.

Quick Update on Yesterday's Map
Gnome - March 15th, 2005
TimmyFred has updated the Freds of War map released yesterday with a minor technical, but rather large gameplay tweak. Rock totals reduced from 400m to 300m on each isle, so you'll have to rely just a tad less on sucking to get by ;) The new version can be found at the TA Maps page as usual.

Holy Crap Another Map
Gnome - March 15th, 2005
Ohhh no, we're not out of Terragen maps yet! Today we release Freds of War, a map designed and mostly created by TimmyFred (though he made me do the hard parts like rendering and aligning the heightmap ;)). It's another Gods of War style map, good for anywhere between 2 and 7 players. I'm particularly proud of the shorelines... you just have to see them in game! Speaking of which, it's up for download at the TA Maps page!

Even More TA Mappage Time
Gnome - March 14th, 2005
And only days later, we see WP's second Terragen rendered map! This map is called Sands of War, based on the Cavedog classic Gods of War map. The heightmap was taken from GOW and inverted, then rendered in Terragen with a brand spanking new sandy look. The map has the same settings as the original; the same wind, same metal output, same rock metal totals, even start positions on the same islands (though they are inverted!). You can Click here to see an in game shot of the map, or simply go to the TA Maps page now and download!

TA Mappage Time
Gnome - March 12th, 2005
Today we see the release of WP's first Terragen rendered map, a map none other than Indiana! It is based on physical maps of the state, so the river layout is accurate, and the small elevation changes are as well. The map is 9x14 screens, so it's small-mediumish in size. It's designed to work for 1v1 or 2v2 play, but I imagine a crowded 3v3 or 4v4 could take place. Resources are fairly thin, with only a few patches at the start positions and a large cache of supplies in the Indianapolis area. The map is a hefty 12 MB download, so get to the TA Maps page now and start getting it!

Check it, bitches
Gnome - March 4th, 2005
Continuing the venture into modding other games, I (along with help from fireball (aka everyone in the TAU community) have created my first publically released Unreal Tournament 2004 map. The map, entitled Parking Ticket, is for the mod Roadkill Warriors. It is set in a parking garage strangely located in the middle of nowhere... ;)

Check out the Release topic at the RKW forum for a download URL and a couple more screenshots, or if you're feeling lucky, just Click this link to download, hosting courtesy of everybody's favorite Deutschländer, luckz.

zOMG! Update
Gnome - February 26th, 2005
Yay for new sections! I got bored this afternoon and made the Big Bertha for the game Scorched Earth 3D. See the newly opened Models page for that game.

Also, macraig has come back from a two year tax-evasion-by-internet-death, and he's putting the finishing polish on some TA: Mutation mutators to be added here. There's some interesting stuff, stay tuned :)

Rounds of site updates
Gnome - February 14th, 2005
I've just updated the Units pages with a better appearance and better markup. I'll do the maps page tonight, and then maybe other straggling pages if I remember to. Woo and stuff.

Battletanx TA!
Gnome - January 5th, 2005
Finally! The first release of Battletanx is here! This is still an earlyish version, and will only work in multiplayer (the AI does not work yet). It includes most of the tanks from Battletanx and several weapons. If the mod is well received, the rest of the weapons may be added in the future, among other things. Check out the Battletanx page for download details.

Minor site updates
Gnome - July 23rd, 2004
I just finished updating the organization of images and files here on WP. If anyone finds a broken link or image, please send me an e-mail.

Just when you thought we were out of new maps...
Gnome - July 23rd, 2004
...BAM! We throw not one, but two more at you! The first map in today's lineup is entitled Winds of War, an archipelago map created by Grand_Commander13. He describes it as a map best suited for team play (up to 3v3) where you fight for dominion of the two islands connected by shallow water, allowing for brutal ground campaigns. If you get beaten off the main islands, there are still a few islands surrounding it with resources to help you get back into the fight (or to fuel the fight on the main islands). There are also underwater metal deposits scattered throughout the ocean.

The second map today was created by yours truly, and is called Incineration Plains. Incineration Plains is designed for 1v1 or 2v2, but 3 player FFA could be possible. It's a small, fast map with many chokepoints. There are more rocks and metal patches in the middle-ish area, so be sure to fight for it. Sneaking around lava pools is possible and can be very fun on this map.

What are you waiting for? Go to the Maps page to download both of these fine maps!

New Map: Shallow River
Gnome - July 14th, 2004
Today shows yet again that WP is not [quite] dead! We have a new map for you today, a map called Shallow River. As the name implies, the river is shallow on most parts of the map, meaning land units and level one sea units can cross it. Wind is good but variable, and metal is mostly concentrated around the shores making a navy actually useful. Go to the Maps page to download it!

Battleroom GUI Hack
Gnome - May 4th, 2004
I hacked around in TA's GUI and created this tonight. This is a simple hack that gives multiplayer battlerooms a larger chat buffer so you can see more of what has been said. I had to move the "View Map" button but everything works, both as a host and client. I also included Dark Rain's view map GUI hack in this. His hack increases the size of the minimap when you click "View map" anywhere for a more detailed view.

Use these links to download:
OTA version
TA:Mutation version
Demo screenshot of the battleroom hack

Small update to the map released earlier
Gnome - April 18, 2004
The user everyone notified me of a broken underwater metal patch on the map released a couple days ago. That has been fixed, so now anyone who downloaded it will have to download the HUGE 3 meg file again :P

An update?! New content?! WTF!
Gnome - April 16, 2004
Woah, with actions that surprised the entire world, I made a new map! Designed and named by Beowulf, this new map is called Grand Tetons, a north/south team-based map with multiplayer play in mind. The map has enough metal for a basic army in the start areas, but to win you must take the center. It plays best with 4 players, but it should work well (if a bit crowded) with up to 8. The map can be found on the TA Maps page.

Updated web page
Gnome - April 16, 2004
As you can see, I updated the PHP scripts and the look of the site. I think it looks much better now, plus it's much easier to update :D Have fun, use our bandwidth!

Just a small thing
Gnome - January 26, 2004
TAUniverse now has a top 100 site list thing, so I signed WP up naturally. As I type this, WP is #1, the button image is broke, and their color scheme sucks, but I'm sure that will be fixed shortly :P

Holy crap
Gnome - December 23, 2003
In a surprise move, triaxx2 has finished some of bobthedino's units and released them without even me noticing :o There are 4 new Arm units available on the TA unit pages. Merry Christmas and whatnot, I guess. Maybe there will be more to come...