GeneRally Cars
Cars we have made for the game GeneRally

Author: Gnome
Top Speed: 50
Power: 850
Weight: 500
Description: This is the semi-long awaited snowmobile for GeneRally! Obviously it works best on snow and ice, but it works well on some other surfaces too...

1970's Stock Cars
Author: Gnome
Top Speed:
Superbird: 65
Daytona: 65
Torino: 65
Cyclone: 65

Superbird: 1000
Daytona: 1000
Torino: 1000
Cyclone: 1000

Superbird: 1000
Daytona: 1000
Torino: 975
Cyclone: 975

Description: This pack includes four cars: The Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird, Dodge Daytona, Ford Torino, and Mercury Cyclone. These cars were commonly used for stock racing in the 70s. Dan Belcher did the physics of the cars, Gnome made the models and got them into GR.

Ford Crown Victoria
Author: Gnome
Top Speed: 55
Power: 1000
Weight: 850
Description: The Crown Victoria is a car commonly used by police forces in the United States. It is known for its good speed and relatively high sliding, and can now be raced with in GeneRally (no, the lights do not work ;)).

Indy Racing League Car
Author: Gnome
Top Speed: 80
Power: 1200
Weight: 700
Description: These are the cars used by the IRL. They are quick (since most IRL tracks are ovals), they slide a bit, and they are fairly heavy for their size. Keep on the track or suffer major slowdown and loss of grip!

Mitsubishi Eclipse
Author: Gnome
Top Speed: 56.5
Power: 900
Weight: 775
Description: A classic ricer car :)

There isn't much else to say except that this car is pretty quick overall...