Gnome's mIRC Scripts
These are just shitty little "scripts" for mIRC I've made. Have fun with them. Don't complain if they don't work for you, I don't especially care. Feel free to send me money.

Downloadable Scripts
Hard Drive Space script
A simple, no bullshit script that prints out how much hard drive space you have and whatnot. Read the readme included.
Dice roll script v2
It prints out dice rolls, based on user input, D&D style. v2 includes support for "4d6" style input. Read the readme included.

To use these, click the Aliases button in the mIRC toolbar to open the Alias Editor:

Then copy the aliases on this page and paste them into the box, hit ok, and use the alias as detailed on this page.

Temperature Conversion Aliases
These are simple aliases that will convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa, depending on which alias you use.
/ctf /say $1 C = $round($calc( $1 * ( 9/5 ) + 32),1) F
/ftc /say $1 F = $round($calc(( 5/9 ) * ( $1 - 32)),1) C
To use these, type:
/ctf <number> - for Celsius to Fahrenheit
/ftc <number> - for Fahrenheit to Celsius

System Uptime Alias
This simply reports the amount of time your system has been booted up.
/uptime //say Uptime: $duration($uptime(system,3))
To use it, type:

Google and Aliases
This gives you a spiffy link to a word or phrase pointing to or, depending on which alias you use. Great for being a smartass!
/g /say $+ $replace($1-,$chr(32),+)
/d /say $+ $replace($1-,$chr(32),+)
To use these, type:
/g <search term> - for a Google search
/d <word> - for a URL

IdleRPG Time to Level Calculator
This uses the TTL calculation methods for IdleRPG and reports the TTL of a given level in week:day:hour:minute:second format.
ttl {
  if ($1 <= 60) {
    say The TTL for level $1 is $duration($calc(600 * (1.16 ^ $1)))
  elseif ($1 > 60) {
    say The TTL for level $1 is $duration($calc((600 * (1.16 ^ 60)) + (86400 * ( $1 - 60))))
To use this, type:
/ttl <level>

Time Zone Calculator
This alias reports the time and date of a timezone entered by the user. The timezone entered must be in the format -X for anything west of the prime meridian but east of the IDL, and it can be either X or +X for anything east of the PM and west of the IDL.
/timezone /say It is currently $asctime($calc( $gmt + ( 3600 * $1 ))) at GMT $+ $1
To use this, type:
/timezone <GMT modifier>

Total Annihilation Join Game Alias
This alias will automatically run the game Total Annihilation and join you to the given IP address. Make sure you edit the path to the game, if necessary. This script was made by renrutal, it's just here for ease :)
/ta /run C:\CAVEDOG\TOTALA\TotalA.exe -N1: $+ $1-
To use this, type:
/ta <IP address>

You may distribute these scripts as you wish, as long as you include their readmes (if they have one). You may not charge money for these scripts under any circumstances.