Scorched Earth 3D Models
These are simply new models you can use for the game Scorched Earth 3D. They'll likely be mostly TA in nature, but you never know, someone may get bored and make something else :)

The version of Scorched Earth 3D available at the time of writing this is 38.1, and as such the models require that version to run. Earlier or later versions might not work, but we'll try to keep the stuff up to date if any significant engine changes occur.

To install these, first ask yourself this: Do I have any other 3rd party tanks installed?

If the answer is no, just extract tanks.xml to the \data folder of Scorched 3D, and the model's folder to the \data\tanks folder.

If the answer is yes, please read the readme included with the model.

Pictures may be clicked to see a larger screenshot.

Arm Big Bertha by Gnome

Version: 38.1

Everyone's favorite LRPC from TA in Scorched Earth form.