Total Annihilation Maps
Our collection of maps we have made and that have been sent during our time.
Freds of War by TimmyFred, Gnome

Type: Rendered Size: 6.81 MB RAM: 64 MB Screens: 10x9 CC: Shouldn't be Required

Freds of War is yet another Terragen rendered map. It's a Gods of War style map with multiplayer in mind. The map was designed by TimmyFred, originally in the Crystal tileset, then rendered in Terragen by Gnome. TF then did all the other work like placing features. Have fun.

Version 2 updates: Rock totals reduced from 400m to 300m on each isle.
This map should be compatible without CC, but don't complain if it isn't.

Players: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Sands of War by Gnome

Type: Rendered Size: 5.66 MB RAM: 64 MB Screens: 9x9 CC: Required

Sands of War is an inverted, Terragen rendered version of the all time classic Gods of War. It has sand now. All the settings are the same, and the rock metal totals are the same as the real thing. The energy (trees) might be a tad different, but you should survive. Have fun and stuff.
This map uses CC features, so CC is required.

Players: 2, 3, 4, 5

Indiana by Gnome

Type: Rendered Size: 12 MB RAM: 128 MB Screens: 9x14 CC: Not Required

Indiana is a Terragen rendered map. It is based on physical maps of the state, so the rivers and elevation is mostly accurate. There are land bridges in the rivers, which were originally intended to be highways, but a proper looking set of highways could not be accomplished (by me, at least), but they were still left in to provide better strategic crossing of the state (plus you couldn't cross all the way with land without them!). Of course, the state is pretty flat so the elevation changes aren't all that great (only about 20 units), but they should still be noticable in some areas, especially river crossings. Don't forget to take Indianapolis, it holds a lot of metal and energy in the form of geo spots :).

Players: 2 or 4, 6 to 8 could work but it'd be crowded

Winds of War by Grand_Commander13

Type: Archipelago Size: 2.14 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 16x16 CC: Required

Winds of War is designed for even teams, up to a 3 vs 3. Be very careful to alternate who is on what team, and always play with fixed starting locations. Players will be placed North-South-North-South-North-South. You can actually get up to seven players, but player seven starts in the water at the north-west corner of the map.

Fight for dominion of the two islands connected by shallow water, allowing for brutal ground campaigns. If you get beaten off the main islands, there are still a few islands surrounding it with resources to help you get back into the fight (or to fuel the fight on the main islands). There are also underwater metal deposits scattered throughout the ocean.

Players: 2, 4, 6

Incineration Plains by Gnome

Type: Lava Size: 1.35 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 9x9 CC: Not Required

Incineration Plains is designed for 1v1 or 2v2, but 3 player FFA could be possible. It's a small, fast map with many chokepoints. There are more rocks and metal patches in the middle-ish area, so be sure to fight for it. Sneaking around lava pools is possible and can be very fun on this map.

Players: 2, 4, 6

Shallow River by Gnome

Type: Archipelago Size: 1.68 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 12x12 CC: Not Required

Shallow River is a map best suited for 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 play. Ground units can go through the shallow bits of water, and level one ships (except subs) can also navigate in it. Since a large quantity of the map's metal is located on the shores within range of ships, battles can be tough and ships very strategic. The wind in this map varies from about 3-25 energy per second, making it viable but not trustworthy. The metal is average.

This map does not use any special features or AIs. It should be fully compatible with TA installations without the Core Contingency, but I didn't test that so don't complain if it isn't :)

Players: 2, 4, 6, possibly 8 but it'd be crowded

Grand Tetons by Beowulf (Design, name), Gnome

Type: Archipelago Size: 3.12 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 8x16 CC: Required

A map with decent winds and good tidal power. Take the middle to get more metal and an extra geothermal vent. Designed with multiplayer use in mind.

Players: 2, 4, 6, 8

The Junction War by Gladiator

Type: Lush, Green, Lava and Desert Size: 4.89 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 10x10 CC: Required

Very Beautiful map by Gladiator using 4 different tilesets(if you don't count the transition tilesets), great for teamed or ffa ground wars.

Players: 2, 4

Roughs and Rivers by Gladiator

Type: Desert/Water Size: 2.58 MB RAM: 16 MB Screens: 9x9CC: Not Required

Rivers isolate a medium amount of metal resources. The mesa in the middle holds some valuable resources, too. Bits of rocks are laying around for you to reclaim, so don't forget about them. ;)

Players: 2, 4

Aduna Greena by renrutal

Type: Adamante/Evergreen Size: 3.01 MB RAM: 16 MB Screens: 6x6CC: Not Required

Land of the ultra-poisonous Adunis Grenne Mushrooms

Players: 2, 4

Exor by renrutal

Type: Metal Size: 1.69 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 24x13CC: Not Required

Strong winds and tidal waves on Core Prime.

Players: 2-10

Gnugs of War 3 by renrutal

Type: Mars Size: 1.62 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 9x8CC: Not Required

Battle for the location of the Sacred Foozberry Pie Recipe!

Players: Up to 7

Torn Apart by renrutal

Type: New Metal Size: 1.17 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 16x16CC: Required

Torn Apart is an unique map by renrutal which uses a rare metal tileset by the master of the tilesets, C_A_P.

Players: 4-10

Slate Highground by Gladiator

Type: Slate Size: 3.65 MB RAM: 16 MB Screens: 13x13CC: Required

Slate Highground is a new map by Gladiator which he says is a recreation of a favorite map of his.

Players: 4

Sea of Carnage by Gnome

Type: Archipelago Size: 2.3 MB RAM: 16 MB Screens: 13x13CC: Not Required

A heavily forested archipelago land with a lot of water and a lot of tree covered islands. Metal is abundant if you can get control of it, or if you share with allies. Bases are not too far apart and easy to rush the other player if you dare, but islands can provide a blockade if used correctly.
Also included inside the map UFO is Switeck's SeaBattle AI from the Mostly Harmless AI v13 to liven up the battle a little. If you use another AI in an AI folder in the TA directory, that AI profile will be used instead.

Players: 2-8

Adamante Square by Gnome

Type: Adamante Size: 1.93 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 30x30CC: Not Required

A map with little metal in the starting areas, and quite a bit to fight over elsewhere. Made with Adamante tiles and features, the features are included for those who don't have them.

Players: 2-8

Hell's Islands by Gnome

Type: Lava Size: 6.96 MB RAM: 64 MB Screens: 40x40CC: Not Required

Much metal on inner islands.

Players: 4

The Inward Spiral by Gnome

Type: Metal Size: 0.58 MB RAM: 64 MB Screens: 35x35CC: Not Required

A spiral of metal that confuses the AI occasionally. Land, Air, and Sea all useable!

Players: 2-10

Core Prime Carnage by Gnome

Type: Metal Size: 1.96 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 15x15CC: Not Required

A versatile map, small enough for rushing, walls for porcing, and there's always the aerial option...

Players: 2-8

Core Prime Ocean by Gnome

Type: Metal Size: 0.4 MB RAM: 64 MB Screens: 35x35CC: Not Required

A HUGE metal sea battle, with a very small amount of land for air support. Special CPOAI included.

Players: 2-10

Core Prime Ocean 2 by Gnome

Type: Metal Size: 1.85 MB RAM: 64 MB Screens: 38x38CC: Not Required

The sequel to Core Prime Ocean, this map offers another large sea battle. This time there is more land for whatever uses you find for it and geothermal vents.

Players: 2-10

Core Prime Ocean 3 by Gnome

Type: Metal Size: 1.17 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 30x30CC: Not Required

The third and final map of the Core Prime Ocean series. This map also offers a large sea battle, with a maze obstacle in the middle.

Players: 2-10

Sunken Core Prime by Dee_Cee89

Type: Metal Size: 4.16 MB RAM: 128 MB Screens: 40x40CC: Not Required

Arm sank Core Prime, leaving much underwater.

Players: 2-8

Clouds of Temblor by Gnome

Type: Slate Size: 3.09 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 30x30CC: Required

A map with frequent earthquakes and strong winds.

Players: 2-10

Battle of the Four Planets by Gnome

Type: Space Size: 4.3 MB RAM: 32 MB Screens: 30x5CC: Not Required

Designed with v1 of Savant's TA:FF tileset.

Players: 4