BattleTanx Annihilation is a pack that features the tanks and other stuff from BattleTanx: Global Assault from the PSX and N64.

Version 1 is here!

Battletanx TA requires TA: The Core Contingency and TA version 3.1. It will not work without them, and WP will not supply players with CC since TA and its expansions are not freeware.

Download: - Please remember to read the readme for installation notes and credits
1.0 - OTA Version - 6.68 MB
1.0 - TA:Mutation Version - 6.68 MB

Notes/Known Bugs:
If you find any unlisted bugs or have comments on the mod, please send an email to Gnome.

Screenshots: - These are old, but the models haven't changed too much. New screenshots one day soon.
A family shot. Whoops, forgot the Mototank in there...
A FLP-E tank doing what it does best: Flip!
A Marksman showing off its high power laser.
We all live on a nuclear submarine, a nuclear submarine...
More coming soon.