Miscellaneous Downloads
Tutorials and stuff that don't fit in the other download sections.
1337 ph0nt by Gnome

Size: 76 KB

1337 ph0nt is a font based on Microsoft's Veranda and uses numbers and symbols in place of letters as 1337 speak does. It is a quick way to type 1337 or a good way for you wannabes to learn the speak. Read the included readme for installation notes.

Size: 582 KB

A design guide Gnome picked up in his early days, great for many aspects of unit and mapmaking.

BOS Guide by TAMMO

Size: 13 KB

A basic BOS Scripting guide. Not too advanced, but to the point. Plenty of useful info for the beginning scripter.

Size: 773 KB

An excellent tutorial written by Wizzball that teaches the beginning unit maker the basics of 3D modelling and texturing in Rhino and 3doBuilder+. Slightly dated, but still very useful for most anyone who wants to learn to make their own units from scratch.

IPInfo by Unknown

Size: 24 KB

It just shows you your IP address. Good for hosting games.