Total Annihilation Units - Jokes
Our units are all downloadable via clicking the text link or the unit picture. All pertinent stats are given on the unit. Most units are 200KB or less. If you have a unit you wish to publish on WP, or wish to include a WP unit in a unitpack you are making, e-mail a request to Gnome.

Now included is the review scores and a link to the reviews made by Storm and company at Unit Review Central, which is now unfortunately dead :(

NOTICE: It is highly recommended that you use TA Conflict Crusher or TA: Mutation to resolve unit weapon and build location conflicts. Due to the sheer amount of units from WP, it is NOT guaranteed that the units are conflict free amongst themselves. All the units require TA: The Core Contingency and version 3.1 of the game.

Energy: 250000 Metal: 1000 HP: 1000 Buildtime: 200000

A walking nuclear kamikaze. About as fast and large as a Peewee. Render by Rampage.

Built by: Arm Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 5000 Metal: 200 HP: 30000 Buildtime: 10000

Nothing can hurt me with my cheese helmet! (v2 updates: fixed script [crash on death bug])

Built by: Arm Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 1321 Metal: 423 HP: 965 Buildtime: 3117

The Core Driver is a KBot Getaway Car. Built from the Core Vehicle Plant, it can load four KBot units to either transport to battle, or back to base to be repaired. It is very fast, nimble, and fairly fragile. The updated version heralds *MUCH* better pathfinding, not to mention an all-new model with a few custom textures.

Built by: Core Vehicle Plant

Energy: 9144 Metal: 1597 HP: 2701 Buildtime: 40467

An early energy/metal storage. Stores 3x as much energy and metal, but cost 3x as much as energy and metal storages do combined.

Built by: Core Commander and Construction Units

Energy: 5923 Metal: 487 HP: 870 Buildtime: 9567

A firework launcher in commemoration of the 4th of July (not to mention Gnome's birthday :D)

Built by: Core Construction Units

Energy: 9000 Metal: 1400 HP: 6000 Buildtime: 26000

Santa, but naked. With two penii. They shoot "Christmas presents".
Yes, Santa can be quite a hotty himself: Manboobs and all, he has.

Built by: Arm and Core Advanced KBot Labs

Energy: 985 Metal: 118 HP: 620 Buildtime: 1969

This unit tips over all kbots around. Only works on two legged kbots. Also armed with three different missiles, fired from the eyes and mouth.

Built by: Core KBot Lab

Energy: 3500 Metal: 420 HP: 900 Buildtime: 7500

Arm army is formed by clones, so who have no mother and don't have sex to procreate. However, being made of flesh and blood unlike the Core patterns, they still have carnal needs. This create deep psychological issues in them, which the Core decided to tape on, by creating a unit that would look to the Arm like the breast they never had. The plan was that the Arm clones would be so emotionnaly perturbed by such a sight that it would leave enough time for the milk squirt to splash them dead.

Built by: Core Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 220 Metal: 15 HP: 120 Buildtime: 576

This unit show the height of the nearest unit. It doesn't have much use for the casual player, however it's an invaluable tool for the modder wishing to write some advanced script, as reading the unit height and comparing it to a list is the only way I know for scripts to find or check what a unit is.

Built by: Comm and level 1 kbot/veh/air/sea cons of both side.