Total Annihilation Units - Arm
Our units are all downloadable via clicking the text link or the unit picture. All pertinent stats are given on the unit. Most units are 200KB or less. If you have a unit you wish to publish on WP, or wish to include a WP unit in a unitpack you are making, e-mail a request to Gnome.

Now included is the review scores and a link to the reviews made by Storm and company at Unit Review Central, which is now unfortunately dead :(

NOTICE: It is highly recommended that you use TA Conflict Crusher or TA: Mutation to resolve unit weapon and build location conflicts. Due to the sheer amount of units from WP, it is NOT guaranteed that the units are conflict free amongst themselves. All the units require TA: The Core Contingency and version 3.1 of the game.

Energy: 22000 Metal: 1400 HP: 2876 Buildtime: 12000

Just like the Galactic Gate in the mission, save that they're now working! Build two galactic gates, then use the LINK button a couple time on each one, and units will be teleported from one gate to the other. This unit make use of the new cob command added by Xon in his new version of the recorder. The DLL are included in the file. If for whatever reason you cannot use the new recorder, then make sure to have a totala.ini with unitlimit=500; This is the first automatic teleporter to work buglessly even over epic map and in multiplayer. Special four way build button to let you choose which way the exit will face. Core equivalent included.

Built by: Arm Commander and Advanced Construction Veh, Kbot and Plane.

Energy: 3000 Metal: 500 HP: 1200 Buildtime: 8600

Amphibious transport, featuring auto-unload: click unload once, and all fifty units are unloaded, in a rectangular formation if you clicked in front, in a circular formation if you click behind.

This unit showcases a very advanced script, easily customiseable via lots of #define. Wheels spin proportionnaly to unit speed, steer when the unit turn, and turn to buoy position over water. The unit actually has upright=1; and use scripted slope leaning. It contains all the code necessary to have unit take a cargo room equal to metal cost (currently deactivated). It features many auto-correction routines, such as detection of failed unload attempts, detection of stolen units, retrieval of units of ID forgotten. Oh, and the turret is disabled when the transport is empty.

Built by: Arm Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 40000 Metal: 2000 HP: 2400 closed, 800 open Buildtime: 30000

When standing still, is able to create a teleportation vortex by firing its custom weapon. Once opened, any unit of the player entering the wormhole mouth is teleported near the MobileWormHoleGenerator.

Improved version: commander sacrifice no longer neccessary. Update: cleaner script and ufo, less bugs, included manual.

Built by: Arm Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 1243 Metal: 432 HP: 1000 Buildtime: 12340

Airship Bomber

Built by: Arm Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 12727 Metal: 535 HP: 360 Buildtime: 26137

Rail gun equipped Kbot

Built by: Arm Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 8479 Metal: 807 HP: 150 Buildtime: 15500

Abnormally fast air transport.

Built by: Arm Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 9473 Metal: 361 HP: 250 Buildtime: 11901

Super Crawling Bomb.

Built by: Arm Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 13856 Metal: 7868 HP: 8682 Buildtime: 29600

A 100-ton Gundam with missiles, gatling guns, and a couple big *** guns in it's hands. What more could you posibly want?

Built by: Arm Advanced Kbot Lab

Arm RX79 HOVER by S-H-I-R-O

Energy: 13370 Metal: 3396 HP: 2523 Buildtime: 25494


Built by: Arm Advanced Vehicle Plant

Arm Striker by triaxx2

Energy: 3762 Metal: 460 HP: 1062 Buildtime: 10143

The Arm Striker is a sorely needed level 2 Adv. Anti-Air Kbot. This kbot has been called a cross between a Fido and a Jethro. It can go anywhere the commander can but can climb slightly steeper slopes due to a set of retractable grippers in the feet. It really chews up air units. Works wonders with Fidos and Beagles.

Review Scores: Buildpic: 10 / Model: 8 / Script: 9 / Balance: 10 Total: 9.4

Built by: Arm Advanced Kbot Lab

Arm Vanguard by Long Axe

Energy: 6786 Metal: 675 HP: 1688 Buildtime: 12939

The Arm Vanguard is a rocket frigate, armed with dual horizontal launch missiles. It serves well for anti-air support early on.

Review Scores: Buildpic: 9.5 / Model: 10 / Script: Not Counted / Balance: 10 Total: 9.9

Built by: Arm Shipyard

Energy: 5079 Metal: 507 HP: 920 Buildtime: 8182

The Arm Delirium is a light sniper type KBot, a level one version which weilds a laser much less powerful than that of the Sniper. This unit also has no cloaking abilities and can only fire when ordered to stop moving. The Delirium is best used in groups of ten or more. Thanks again to M3G for the buildpic.

Review Scores: Buildpic: 8.5 / Model: 1 / Script: 5 / Balance: 4 Total: 4.5

Built by: Arm KBot Lab

Energy: 4021 Metal: 412 HP: 1200 Buildtime: 10827

The Beagle is a four legged kbot like the Fido, although in this case it has a short ranged gauss cannon instead of a plasma cannon. This unit is great for attacking mobile units. Heads up to Gamefreak for the render.

Review Scores: Buildpic: 6.5 / Model: 1 / Script: 6.5 / Balance: 0 Total: 2.8

Built by: Arm Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 2019 Metal: 283 HP: 910 Buildtime: 2612

The Arm Anarchist is a medium artillery tank. It is useful if you need the range but do not have the supplies to go level two. It works well in conjunction with the Arm Mars.

Review Scores: Buildpic: 9.5 / Model: 0 / Script: 3 / Balance: 0 Total: 3.6

Built by: Arm Vehicle Plant

Energy: 2587 Metal: 1501 HP: 1100 Buildtime: 12340

The Arm Kartwheel is a heavy artillery KBot armed with a weapon similar to the Core Goliath. It is good for basebusting operations.

Built by: Arm Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 5342 Metal: 627 HP: 1411 Buildtime: 9833

The Arm Land Slide is a mortar cannon that is a short ranged defense turret. It is very effective against mobile units that get within its range. Also included is its Core counter, the Avalanche

Built by: Arm Advanced Construction Units

Temple of Stone: Energy: 10000 Metal: 7500 HP: 19500 Buildtime: 45364
Guardian of Steggu: Energy: 1393704 Metal: 362840 HP: ~62000 Buildtime: 3901483

The Arm Guardian of Steggu is the ultimate KBot, armed with the most powerful weapons imaginable. It is ready to destroy any and all Core forces with its Vulcan cannon, Annihilatior laser, and its own heavy impact missiles. It is built by the Temple of Stone, which is included with the Guardian of Steggu. The Temple is only built by the Advanced Construction KBot.

Built by: Arm Advanced Construction KBot

Energy: 1726 Metal: 231 HP: 801 Buildtime: 2012

The Arm Mars is a new level one tank that works best against crowded units. It is armed with a new scatter cannon, which is highly inaccurate, but lays an effective barrage against crowded enemy forces when in packs or small groups.

Built by: Arm Vehicle Plant

Energy: 16100 Metal: 660 HP: 800 Buildtime: 24000

Repair Balloon. The inspiration for the balloon came from an article in Popular Mechanics years ago that had a picture of something similar that had been proposed as a futuristic lighter-than-air hauler.

Built by: Arm Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 18194 Metal: 2105 HP: 3754 Buildtime: 42064

A support/escort ship for the Arm that is good for close and long range ardment. Weak to subs. Armed with dual starburst missiles and a weak annihilator laser.

Built by: Arm Advanced Shipyard

Energy: 4421 Metal: 610 HP: 831 Buildtime: 9423

A new and better artillery tank for the Arm. Uses the Arm cruiser'sweapon.

Built by: Arm Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 4027 Metal: 472 HP: 986 Buildtime: 4521

An advanced amphibious missile tank that rides the waves instead ofcrawling below them. It is armed with an advanced Samson missile, thatfires faster and hits harder. This unit is named after General Jaxx, anEstrellaforum regular. (v2 updates: new turret, balancing)

Built by: Arm Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 787983 Metal: 96783 HP: 4863 Buildtime: 756893

A new breed of rapid fire bertha cannons that does extreme damage fora large price

Built by: Arm Advanced Construction Units

Energy: 4211 Metal: 421 HP: 798 Buildtime: 5632

After the Core had began using the D-FENS, the Arm knew they had tofind a way to eliminate it, and all other defenses. The ADS is the unitthat fits this role. It is designed only for defense elimination, it ispretty useless otherwise, so make sure it is sent in as a support unit,not a siege or combat unit. (v2 updates: more defenses added to weaponfile)

Built by: Arm Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 5483 Metal: 978 HP: 4050 Buildtime: 6789

Pretty self explanatory. This unit can also be built by Core variants of the builders mentioned.

Built by: Arm Construction Units

Arm ARMGRAFT by MegaUltimateDraco

Energy: 75000 Metal: 3000 HP: 3500 Buildtime: 5700

Medium Auto-Fire D-gun tank. Packs a punch both to your enemies andenergy economy!

Built by: Arm Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 162456 Metal: 86753 HP: 9879 Buildtime: 267533

Ultra resource facility that produces and stores lots of energy andmetal and also cloaks

Built by: Arm Advanced Construction Units

Energy: 9876 Metal: 1897 HP: 1200 Buildtime: 20976

Heavy gunship that can 0wn many a unit on the battlefield. Also included is the Core counter to this unit, the Raven.

Built by: Arm Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 8750 Metal: 1654 HP: 1622 Buildtime: 35832

It's an underwater moho. No more, no less.

Built by: Arm Advanced Construction Sub

Energy: 8643 Metal: 2078 HP: 5500 Buildtime: 8675

A floating plasma cannon that kicks some Core patterned arse.

Built by: Arm Construction Ship and Hovercraft

Energy: 15687 Metal: 8376 HP: 5800 Buildtime: 156731

Missile bomber

Built by: Arm Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 185496 Metal: 23674 HP: 8200 Buildtime: 362736

Very Heavy Gunship

Built by: Arm Advanced Aircraft Plant