Total Annihilation Units - Core
Our units are all downloadable via clicking the text link or the unit picture. All pertinent stats are given on the unit. Most units are 200KB or less. If you have a unit you wish to publish on WP, or wish to include a WP unit in a unitpack you are making, e-mail a request to Gnome.

Now included is the review scores and a link to the reviews made by Storm and company at Unit Review Central, which is now unfortunately dead :(

NOTICE: It is highly recommended that you use TA Conflict Crusher or TA: Mutation to resolve unit weapon and build location conflicts. Due to the sheer amount of units from WP, it is NOT guaranteed that the units are conflict free amongst themselves. All the units require TA: The Core Contingency and version 3.1 of the game.

Energy: 22000 Metal: 1400 HP: 2876 Buildtime: 12000

Just like the Galactic Gate in the mission, save that they're now working! Build two galactic gates, then use the LINK button a couple time on each one, and units will be teleported from one gate to the other. This unit make use of the new cob command added by Xon in his new version of the recorder. The DLL are included in the file. If for whatever reason you cannot use the new recorder, then make sure to have a totala.ini with unitlimit=500; This is the first automatic teleporter to work buglessly even over epic map and in multiplayer. Special four way build button to let you choose which way the exit will face. Arm equivalent included.

Built by: Core Commander and Advanced Construction Veh, Kbot and Plane.

Core Anvil by zwzsg, model by Bidigam

Energy: 40555 Metal: 3111 HP: 700 Buildtime: 31000

This structure let you control the weather, allowing to create a thunderstorm at will to strike down your enemy. The range is halfway between a Guardian/Punisher and a Bertha/Intimidator, but the build time is rather quick for its cost, so as to make it easier to build near an enemy base: obviously this weapon wrecks much more havoc when directed over a crowded base than over a lone moving target. When folded in, it gains a 80% damage reduction.

Built by: Core Advanced Construction Veh, Kbot and Plane.

Energy: 6698 Metal: 672 HP: 1926 Buildtime: 12866

Level one missile ship.

Built by:Shipyard

Energy: 86985 Metal: 54764 HP: 10000 Buildtime: 110374

It slices, it dices, and electricutes Arm weenies. It has two weapons, the standard depth charges and three trinity bolt turrents. Each turrent fires a charged up electrical pulse which comes out as a blue bolt, and does a massive amount of damage

Built by:Core Advanced Shipyard

Energy: 11167 Metal: 1322 HP: 900 Buildtime: 19500

Toting an armor piercing bazooka packed with high explosives, this will strike fear into the heart of the Arm. The bazooka shells do high damage by going through the armor of a unit then detonating its antimatter payload. But it comes with some drawbacks, which are 130 energy per show and a long reload time. But while it is reloading, it has a plasma spray as a secondary weapons that serves as defense, or if combined in large amounts, it deteriorates armor quickly and eats up the components inside.

Built by:Core Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 4559 Metal: 2081 HP: 390 Buildtime: 7084

The Devil Fish is a level one attack submarine. Armed with medium-high damage torpedoes and relatively fast speed, this light submarine is good for early submersed assaults. It has week armor and takes a fair bit to build, however, so you must be careful to watch out for torpedo launchers, other subs, or destroyers. This unit is a good addition to use with the Core Picaroon stealth attack sub below.

Built by:Core Shipyard

Energy: 4118 Metal: 873 HP: 1180 Buildtime: 9117

The Core Gnug is a friendly KBot, one of the friendliest units there is. But do not get him grumpy because he wields two mean pulse cannons and assault rocket batteries.

Built by:Core Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 2932 Metal: 356 HP: 1265 Buildtime: 8823

The Hunchback is a heavy infantry KBot, armed with a gauss cannon. Although it is level two, it is a great unit to quickly build for light and mobile level 2 defense, and is also very good in assissting assaults on enemy bases. v2 updates: revamped model, script, buildpic

Built by:Core Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 31039 Metal: 1732 HP: 2019 Buildtime: 39182

This KBot sports two gauss cannons and dual shoulder mounted missile launchers. Combined with a good script, new sounds, and a new explosion animation, this unit makes obliterating Arm units look cooler than ever before.

Built by:Core Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 10513 Metal: 292 HP: 302 Buildtime: 12019

The Matero is a big battle mech designed to take on large forces, and mainly, Arm Raptors. It chews them up and spits out a flaming piece of junk. It packs a punch with anti-matter missiles and its dual pluton cannons.

Built by:Core Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 1567 Metal: 210 HP: 460 Buildtime: 1932

The Pluto is a tank armed with a medium anti-tank laser. The laser, though, is designed only for piercing tank armor and doesn't do too much damage to KBots, buildings, or other units. As such, it is good for stopping tank rushes or providing support for larger tanks, such as the Jupiter.

Built by:Core Vehicle Plant

Energy: 10513 Metal: 292 HP: 302 Buildtime: 12019

The Cauterizer is a napalm bomber. It drops three bombs per run which devastate a large area. It is great for bombing compact bases.

Built by:Core Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 10738 Metal: 910 HP: 3402 Buildtime: 10191

The Core Jupiter is a Neutron Enhancer tank that fires a high density ball of ionized neutrons. It has a fairly long range and good damage, and costs as much as a D-Gun to fire. It is heavily armored.

Built by:Core Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 4206 Metal: 801 HP: 3200 Buildtime: 8858

The Antaeus is a super tank armed with dual gauss cannons and a heavy flamethrower.

Built by:Core Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 5342 Metal: 627 HP: 1411 Buildtime: 9833

The Avalanche is a mortar cannon that is a short ranged defense turret. It is very effective against mobile units that get within its range. Also included is its Arm counter, the Land Slide

Built by:Core Advanced Construction Units

Energy: 2796 Metal: 786 HP: 3505 Buildtime: 15423

The Viperion is a level 2 close attack KBot armed with a good weapon. Coupled with speed and manueverability, it is a danger to all Arm units.

Built by:Core Advanced KBot Lab

Energy: 4507 Metal: 2532 HP: 650 Buildtime: 10091

A level one light stealth attack sub. Its torpedo is slightly less powerful, but it has a faster top speed and acceleration than the snake and stealth for an an added amount of energy and metal.

Built by:Core Shipyard

Energy: 16100 Metal: 660 HP: 1200 Buildtime: 24000

Magnetic Repulsor Coil - Repair

Built by:Core Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 25654 Metal: 4456 HP: 1500 Buildtime: 26343

Heavy assault plane

Built by:Core Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 2642 Metal: 678 HP: 843 Buildtime: 8402

Salvo fire artillery tank with a fairly strong, fast firing triple barrel artillery cannon.

Built by:Core Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 10867 Metal: 2363 HP: 3862 Buildtime: 16765

In the Core's effort to annihilate the Arm, they decided they needed something that was superior to the Toaster in every aspect except armor. Enter the D-FENS, a plasma cannon that fires faster, does more damage over a wider area, and is overall a better unit than the Toaster. The drawback is that if it attempts to shoot at anything too close, the shell doesn't go that far, hitting the ground directly in front of it, damaging anything nearby. (v2 updates: fixed script, balancing, new sounds)

Built by:Core Advanced Construction Units

Energy: 8264 Metal: 802 HP: 1511 Buildtime: 13215

Heavily armed tank. It has a heavy laser and dual Morty cannons. (v3: new buildpic, improved script)

Built by:Core Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 3054 Metal: 935 HP: 1235 Buildtime: 11472

Amphibious tank with dual starburst rockets. Its cost and buildtime have been raised accordingly.

Built by:Core Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 5483 Metal: 978 HP: 4050 Buildtime: 6789

Pretty self explanetory. This unit can also be built by the Arm variants of the builders listed.

Built by:Core Construction Units

Energy: 22053 Metal: 4693 HP: 6321 Buildtime: 47032

The Core decided to make a new breed of battleship, and when it was finished, it was named the Bastille. Armed with dual D-FENS cannons, it can decimate nearly anything floating on top of the water or on the shoreline. It is vulnerable to aerial and submarine attacks, but with its air repair pad it can keep any aircraft guarding it in top shape. (v3: removed bugs from script that caused the repair pad to hardly work, new sounds, no longer requires D-FENS to work)

Built by:Core Advanced Shipyard

Energy: 1202 Metal: 403 HP: 673 Buildtime: 1879

An advanced rocket launcher that fires Krogoth like rockets. They are much stronger for anti-aircraft than MTs. This unit supports all WP aircraft.

Built by:Core Advanced Construction Units

Energy: 11895 Metal: 2947 HP: 1500 Buildtime: 25978

Heavy gunship that can own many a unit on the battlefield. Also included is the Arm counter to this unit, the Falcre.

Built by:Core Advanced Aircraft Plant

Energy: 12048 Metal: 2056 HP: 2647 Buildtime: 32859

The Metal/Energy Storage with Heavy Laser Turret (MESHLT) is a storage building with an HLT turret on top.

Built by:Core Advanced Construction Units

Energy: 9017 Metal: 1714 HP: 1721 Buildtime: 36036

Its an underwater moho. No more, no less.

Built by:Core Advanced Construction Sub

Energy: 8923 Metal: 698 HP: 1580 Buildtime: 14567

A unit armed with a fireball launcher.

Built by:Core Advanced Vehicle Plant

Energy: 6875 Metal: 2955 HP: 1500 Buildtime: 12098

Truck that explodes like crawling bombs

Built by:Core Advanced Vehicle Plant