The AC/DC Story
How it all began.

Aeropalmon, the sister planet of Temblor. This planet had huge mountains and vast valleys, many of which were covered in clouds, or if you were lucky enough to see the bottom, there were usually barren deserts. The metal on this planet was scarce, but because of the high altitude of most of the land, the wind was strong and the solar power easily gained. The it was unknown if the planet had any water, because no Arm or Core soldier had ever been below the clouds of Aeropalmon...

When the Galactic War had started, Aeropalmon's inhabitants voted to stay out of the war, since they had no place in it. The business of the Arm and the Core was not their own. In the 5000th year of the Galactic War, that was all about to change.

"Sir, the Core and the Arm have depleted 95% of all the metal in this galaxy. As you know, we collect metal and sell it to the neighboring galaxy that neither faction has scouted yet, but they are on their way. Since the inhabitants of that galaxy are pacifists, but know that the Arm and Core's war cannot be stopped by peace talks, they have requested that we eliminate their threat to our neighbors."

"Very well, their unadvanced aerial technology cannot rival ours in any way."

-Aeropalmon Military High Command-
"We have just been told by the council of command to stop the threat to our neighbors," the supreme commander grumbled. "They haven't been able to stop each other, so how do we do it?"

"I think I could do it," Said AirComm O'Feltor.

"Then you are in charge of Operation Redirect," the supreme commander told him. "Your mission is to lead them away from Aeropalmon and our neighbors. Lead them on a chase away from us. Failing in that you are to attempt to deal each a blow sufficent to cripple them and give us time to try again."

"Yes, sir!"

-Thalassean Arm Naval Command-
"Sir, a meteorite just hit at coordinates 79w/98n," Skeeter captain Deltonor reported.

"And?" queried the Naval Commander.

"Well, sir, scouts report it is an unidentified aircraft of some sort," Deltonor replied. "It's built an airplant of some kind."

"How can you tell that it's an airplant?"

"Well, sir, it's producing aircraft. Very advanced aircraft, we hit one attacking one of our Skeeter scouts with dozens of missiles but lost the entire group of ten skeeters."

"To one aircraft?!"

"Yes, sir."

"What kind of aircraft?"

"It attacked like a fighter," Deltonor replied. "It was taken out quickly by a single pair of Archers, however."


-Thalassean Core Naval Command-
"Commander, a meteorite hit the surface of the planet at coordinates 79w/98n. Patrols report it is an unidentified aircraft of some sort. It has no Arm markings. It built an airplant. This plant also has no Arm markings. We are sure it is an airplant because it built an aircraft that attacked as a fighter, yet took almost no damage from Arm missiles while single handedly taking out ten Skeeter scout boats," reported one of the scout hovercraft.

"Any other information?" replied the Core Supreme Naval Commander.

"Yes, while the missiles did almost no damage, two Arm Archers took it down in seconds using flak."

"Interesting. Triple the flak around the base and builld five more Shredders.

-Thalassean AC/DC Landing Site-
"AirComm O'Feltor?"


"Sir, fighter alpha reported that it destroyed ten Arm Skeeters. It also reported seeing a pair of Core Scrubbers. It did not attack as it was destroyed by an Arm unit. We aren't sure of what kind of ships they were, but while they're missiles did almost no damage they had some kind of weapons that took fighter alpha out in seconds."

"Interesting. Let's concentrate on building some construction planes and then we'll decide what to do."

The campaign was known to the AC/DC as Operation Redirect. It was known to Arm as Heart Strike, as they believed it was intended to strike at the capital on Empyrean. The Core called it Iron Fist. And so began again the fight for survival. The AC/DC fighting for it's livelyhood. The Arm fighting for freedom. The Core fighting for domination as it had been before, only now with a new contestant.