The AC/DC Race F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions about our race.

The AC/DC race is one of Wormhole Production's biggest projects right now, and this will be the place to find information on its progress and other neat stuff about the race.

What does "AC/DC" stand for?!?!?!
A common misconception is that this race is named after the band AC/DC, and/or that AC/DC in this case still stands for "Alternate Current/Direct Current", referring to how electricy travels. AC/DC actually stands for "Aeropalmon Confederation/Defense Commission" in our case.

When will this race be available?
It's available now! Go to the downloads page!

How many units will there be in this race?
A full spectrum of units will be included, aircraft, tanks, KBots, hovercraft, and a navy will be available.

Does this race have a theme, like fast and light in Arm and slow and heavy in Core?
Yes, but it is more specific. The Aircraft and hovercraft will be the strongest units, but taking slightly longer to build than their Arm and Core counterparts. This is due to the race's extreme technology in aviation and gravity repelling. The AC/DC come from a planet nearly identical to Temblor (the slate planet), so as many other creatures do, they adapted. Their navy is the weakest part of their forces, due to their recent introduction to naval forces in their battles with the Arm and the Core. Their land units are cheap, but average in firepower.

Will there be support for other 3rd party races/unitpacks/mods?
Yes, there will probably be TA Aerial Assault Force support, and we may make an expansion so the AC/DC can be used with the TA: Final Frontier space pack. There may also be versions compatible with The Joined Tribe and/or The UN races, but that will be determined later.

Will there be a TA: Mutation vesion?
Most definitely, yes. Everyone should use this program ;)

Will there be fancy scripting and cool looking weapons in the AC/DC race?
Much of it. What would it be without them? Of course, we are striving for quality more than looking cool, but looking cool is very close to quality.

Many races have a weapon theme, such as Arm with its E.M.G., Core's laser technology, Argon's flamethrowers, and so on. Will AC/DC have a weapon theme?
The AC/DC race, due to their habitat (as explained earlier), excels in anti-air missile technology. They use missiles for nearly every weapon, including ones that turn red, yellow, and blue hot due to their speed. They are also good with artillery, but their lasers are generally bulky and not too powerful, due to their recent discovery of this technology.

I heard that the AC/DC's AirComm has a weapon that is similar to the D-Gun, but called the O-Wave Disrupter Device, can you describe how this works?
The AirComm's O-Wave Disruptor Device, usually called the O-Wave Gun, is an extremely powerful weapon. It causes a bend, or disruption, in the space/time continuum that violently rips apart molecular bonds due to the bending, causing massive damage to the molecules that are ripped apart from each other. This weapon destroys anything in one blast, but costs 1000 energy to fire. This weapon can only be mounted on an aircraft, due to the nature of the weapon to destroy anything on the ground in a large radius of the blast site.

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